Bone White Chalk Style Paint End Tables

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"This pair of oak side tables were given a farmhouse, cozy look. They were painted with General Finishes Bone White Chalk Style Paint, distressed in all the right places then top coated to give protection against everyday use. The tops were stained to give a weathered wood look to them." - Passion Flower Furnishings

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"After sanding down to bare wood I used 3 separate stains to achieve this weathered wood look. A grey stain was applied 1st followed by a white wash pickling stain and a deep brown stain lightly sanding between each layer. You can then dry brush to lighten or darken to your liking. Play with it and have fun." -Passion Flower Furnishings


**GF Chalk Style Paint has been discontinued. Replace Bone White with a custom mix of 3:1 Antique White Milk Paint, Seagull Gray Milk Paint

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Passion Flower Furnishings
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November 7, 2016