Antique Oak Hutch

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Isn’t this piece absolutely spectacular?!?? This piece would make such a huge statement in any room it’s placed in! It stands at nearly 8ft high and approximately 5ft wide… When I saw this piece on marketplace over a month ago I knew it had sooo much potential, but it was a little out of our budget for a flip piece. I thought about it for a few weeks then decided to get it! It was in pretty decent shape but it needed a new back…I started by stripping the original finish then I sanded it down to the natural wood…I stained it in a wash of General Finishes Antique Oak Water Based Stain then I painted the interior in a warm off black color for a nice contrast! After staining and painting was complete, I sealed it up in matte top coat. I also cut the piece in half to accommodate for lower ceilings and door frames then also added new fretwork to the cabinet doors!  
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NB Restorations
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January 3, 2024