Alice in Wonderland Desk

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Alice in Wonderland desk featuring the White Rabbit: this is one of my favorite classics.

The desk is finished all the way around so that it can sit out in the center of the room. The shape of the desk was the perfect shape for this whimsical piece and it was fun to do!


Clean, sand, and seal. This desk had a laminate top so I sanded it with course sandpaper to assure a good adhesion of the paint. Painted with Miss Lillian's paint. Used Miss Lillian's transfer medium and I am very impressed with this medium. Placed image facedown onto medium and smoothed out any bubbles or wrinkles. Dried over night, wet back of image, rubbed off to reveal the image. Add details, sealed with a General Finishes High Performace Topcoat. Three coats of topcoat: dry and sand between coats and that is that!


Winner- Runner Up in Transfer Category of 2017 GF Design Challenge

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Painted Lady by Barbara Boyles
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December 5, 2017