Halcyon Blue

"Oh, this vanity. This vanity had a rough life before it found us! We used Salt Wash mixed with Coastal Blue, Linen and Seagull/Driftwood mix for the first layer. For the second layer, we put 12 (TWELVE!!!!) different colors on a palate and mixed our brush around without fully mixing the colors together which gave this gal an ombre look. The colors used were: Coastal Blue, Klein Blue, Stillwater Blue, Summertime Blue, Fjord Blue, Halcyon Blue, Patina Green, Persian Blue, Millstone, Driftwood,...
"This may be one of my favorite pieces I have done. Top is Java (Gel Stain), bottom is Halcyon Blue, Seagull Gray & Van Dyke Brown Glaze." - Second Lives Second Chances    

"I used a paint sprayer to paint my existing cabinets on my kitchen island and my kitchen desk. The island is finished with Halcyon Blue GF Milk Paint and the desk is finished with Snow White Milk Paint. I plan to follow by painting upper and lower kitchen cabinets Snow White Milk Paint." - Marcia Burke

"The color is a custom mix of General Finishes Seagull Gray, Coastal Blue, Queenstown Gray, Lamp Black Milk Paints with a splash of Halcyon Blue Milk Paint. Finished off with Autentico Paint copper wax." - Room Thirteen

Not only is summer the best time to hit the beach, it’s also the best time to start your next DIY project with General Finishes! Using a combination of our pigmented Milk Paints, you can create the perfect pastel to match your summertime mood. Colors featured in this palette are as followed:

• Custom Color Mix: 1 Part Seagull Gray Milk Paint and 10 Parts Snow White Milk Paint

• Custom Color Mix: 1 Part Halcyon Blue Milk Paint and 10 Parts Snow White Milk Paint

This cabinet underwent quite the transformation from ReLoved by Maja Komasa with General Finishes Coastal Blue, Klein Blue, Halcyon Blue, Persian Blue & Snow White Milk Paint and Argentine Pearl Effects.    

Look at this gorgeous desk and chair set we just added! We painted this in a custom color we created using General Finishes Halcyon Blue and Snow White Milk Paints!" - Retta's Ruffles

Let the serene, frothy colors of the ocean inspire you. With help from the General Finishes Color Mixing Lab, you can find the perfect shade of aquatic blue for your next big project! The colors featured in this palette are as followed (from left to right):

• Custom Mix: 1 Part Halcyon Blue Milk Paint and 10 Parts Snow White Milk Paint

• Custom Mix: 4 Part Halcyon Blue Milk Paint and 4 Parts Snow White Milk Paint

• Custom Mix: 1 Part Custom Mix Teal and 10...

Mid-century modern dresser. Painted with General Finishes Halcyon Blue, Van Dyke Brown glase, and Java gel stain for the drawer fronts.

"I updated this 1940's swivel mirrored vanity with a custom mixed General Finishes paint (50/50 Driftwood and Antique White and a bit of Halcyon Blue) & Dixie Belle Paint Company silver glaze to give it a Restoration Hardware look." - Remember When Furniture   Give GF Pearl Effects in Argentine a try for a similar look!    
"These doors sat in the corner is our work area for 3 months, because I just couldn't figure out what I wanted to do. One side is a bit dark & moody, the other side sweet & fun." - Flipping Fabulous        

Project feelings of happiness and contentment throughout your home by using General Finishes Halcyon Blue Milk Paint on your next household furnishing project! Halcyon is a misty, cool blue with green and gray undertones that enhance your mood. 

Custom Mix Recipes from top to bottom: 1 Part Halycon Blue + 1 Part Snow White, 1 Part Halcyon Blue and 4 Parts Snow White, Halcyon Blue, 4 Parts Halcyon Blue and 1 Part Coastal Blue, 1 Part Halcyon Blue and 1 Part Coastal Blue, 1 Part...

"Used three different General Finishes Milk Paint colors for this layered/distressed top. I used Halcyon Blue, Driftwood & Lamp Black, painting it on and also dry brushing multiple layers. The Tiger Oak had such amazing texture so I wet distressed it down all over which brought the grain back out. For the body I mixed General Finishes Glaze Effects, Pitch Black & Winter White to get just the right grey to get in all those amazing grooves throughout this piece. And the grey was a...

The New Year brings with it revitalization and personal resolutions. For many of us, plans to broaden our horizons involve new experiences and adventure. With General Custom Color Mixes, you can immortalize your voyages by painting your home accessories with the colors of the world. 

The General Finishes colors featured in this palette are as followed (from left to right):

• Custom Mix: 1 Part Persian Blue Milk Paint and 10 Parts Snow White Milk Paint


"Restyled & Delivered! My client wanted to create a softness to this dresser that has been in her family for 100 years. Had great structure, just needed a new, fresh look for her guest bedroom! Hand painted in General Finishes products. Custom blend of Java Gel Stain and Brown Mahogany Gel Stain on top. Body is a custom blend of Halcyon Blue Milk Paint Coastal Blue Milk Paint and Driftwood Milk Paint. Glazed with Champagne Pearl Effects to give it a shimmery sparkle along with new crystal...

2016 Design Center Entry - Pro Upcycled Furniture

"GF Halcyon Milk Paint was used on the base, sealed with GF High Performance Top Coat Flat, glazed with a watered down mix of Brown Mahogony Gel Stain, and sealed again with GFHPTC.  Brown Mahogony and HPTC on the top and middle drawers.  Hardware sprayed with Oil Rubbed Bronze spray paint. This piece was purchased and turned into a bathroom vanity."


"Beautiful and unique antique Roos Cedar Chippendale Chest. Drool-worthy for certain!" - Junie Byrds

This delightful piece was painted with a custom color of Halcyon Blue and Coastal Blue Milk Paint and the top was layered with Java Gel Stain.

"Here is another piece redone with your awesome products! This is a European-style TV cabinet that was left out for the trash. Can you believe it? ...The outside is painted in a custom mix of Halycon Blue and Seagull Gray Milk Paint.... The body is waxed and the top sealed with High Performance Topcoat Satin, then waxed over that. Now it's a bar!" - Rebecca of Best Designs by Rebecca
Karie of Lush•Paint Designs took inspiration from this GF Get the Look found on our Design Center. This beauty is layered in General Finishes Coral Crush, Halycon Blue, Burnt Umber Glaze Effects, & sealed with High Performance Topcoat.    
Suzanne Bagheri of The Painted Drawer Collection updated this Mid Century Table using General Finishes Halcyon Blue Milk Paint. Check out her YouTube video to see how she cleaned up that beautiful brass hardware (http://bit.ly/1ZtmupX) and see more pictures in the blog post here: http://bit.ly/1UPwhWm    
Cindarella's Attic Vintage Furniture re-styled this vintage sideboard using General Finishes Halcyon Blue Milk Paint accented with white glaze. Java Gel Stain was used for the top! Beautiful!
"My very first DIY furniture painting project turned out amazing thanks to your Milk Paint! I used a mix of 2 parts Halcyon Blue and 1 part Lime Green to get this lovely color." - Meghann of Practically Hippie
Gigi's Hope Chest created this lovely bedroom with General Finishes Halcyon Blue Milk Paint! Loving this bright and fresh look!

Delightful Frozen-themed dresser redesigned by Shades of Shabby_! Halcyon Blue and Snow White Milk Paint sealed with Flat Out Flat Topcoat and High Performance Topcoat in Satin were used on this beauty.

Here's a fun way to brighten up a bedroom! Second Chances by Susie_ painted this set with GF Halcyon Blue Milk Paint. Check out General Finishes Design Center for more blue painted furniture ideas, http://designs.generalfinishes.com/color-category/blues

Loving this delightful desk re-style by Vintage Junkies. Looking great in General Finishes Halcyon Blue Milk Paint!

Stunning French country farmhouse table transformation by Jenny from Rustic Roots_! She used Halcyon Blue Milk Paint sealed with new Flat Out Flat Top Coat, then she restyled the top with Java Gel Stain! She shared, "Thought you might like this French Country farm table I got a lot of hits for it. I painted it with Halcyon Blue, FOF sealer for the base and chairs. I roughed up the top of the table and let the sun bleach it out a bit than I lightly sanded it and rubbed a tiny bit of Java over...

Ready for some Hollywood glam? Vintage dresser refinished with Seagull Gray, Snow White and for a little surprise, Halcyon Blue in the drawers. Sealed with HP Topcoat in Satin. This is one of my most popular color combinations! - Mary Beth's Place_

"Susanna Dussling of Hope and Happiness Fine Vintage Furniture_ did this extremely shabby chic coffee table in all General Finishes products. Painted in layers with Dark Chocolate, Halycon Blue, and Linen. Distressed, antiqued with Van Dyke Brown Glaze, and sealed with the amazing Flat out Flat." Thanks so much for sharing this beautiful piece, Susanna!

What a stunner! This modern coffee table was refinished with a Java Gel Stain base topped with ASCP by Melinda at crimson + oak designs. General Finishes Corinth and Halcyon Blue Milk Paints can be used for a similar look!

Loving this stylish antique secretary desk from Rehab to Fab_! It was painted with GF Antique White Milk Paint on the outside and the inside got a fresh coat of a custom mix of Antique White and Halcyon Blue.
Distress to impress with this heavenly combination of Halcyon Blue and Snow White Milk Paints! Check out this video on how to hand distress General Finishes Milk Paint: http://youtu.be/DQilIHtFxpY
The bolder the better! Get this colorful look with Klein Blue Milk Paint hand-distressed over two layers of Halcyon Blue and Holiday Red Milk Paints! Learn how to properly prep General Finishes Milk Paint in this tutorial: http://bit.ly/1llHz49
Fab "Faded Denim" Dresser
Third Ave Designs​ gave new life to this sweet little table with Antique White and Halcyon Blue Milk Paint in a vintage finish!
How sweet is this antique table refinished with Halcyon Blue Milk Paint by Third Ave Designs​? "Antique blue end table now available. Refinished in a timeless blue & antiquing glaze finish."
Another fantastic piece by Airdrie Furniture Revival​ of Airdrie, Alberta! Airdrie Furniture Revival says, "Absolutely love painting with General Finishes Halcyon Blue!!
The talented ladies at JABS Fabs Refurbishings​ refinished these Midcentury side tables with Dark Chocolate and Halcyon Blue Milk Paints! So sweet! "My blueberry chocolate chip end tables... Base coat of General Finishes Dark Chocolate Milk Paint, then covered in their Halcyon Blue. Distressed and finished with clear, white and dark wax. Hurry, these cuties are gonna get eaten up quick ;)"
Airdrie Furniture Revival​ refreshed this mirror stand using General Finishes Halcyon Blue and Queenstown Gray Milk Paints. Lovely combo!
What beauties! Third Ave Designs gave new life to these sweet side tables with Halcyon Blue Milk Paint.
Marcy from R Old House Vintage & More refinished this table top with a Dark Chocolate and Millstone Milk Paint base and Patina Green, Halcyon Blue, Basil, Red and Somerset Gold Milk Paints layered and distressed on top.
I finally completed the nightstands! They were refinished using General Finishes milk paint in Halcyon Blue and sealed with their HPTC in satin. I love the way this color gives these nightstands a new glamorous look! Glass knobs and bright pink drawer liner finish off this makeover!

Love this beauty by Helen Nichole Designs​! It was painted with a custom mix of GF Basil, Lamp Black, Halcyon Blue, Corinth Blue and Emerald Green. The color was a nice deep sea green color but it needed something.It needed dry brushing!! Great choice! The end result is amazing! Get the recipe for this custom milk paint color at http://www.helennicholedesigns....

Too much cuteness! This lovely table and chair set was painted by Rustic Roots (http://on.fb.me/1zu1Zf8) in General Finishes Halcyon Blue Milk Paint and stained with GF's Java Gel Stain!

Beautiful table transformation by Cheryl at British Accents using Halcyon Blue and Millstone Milk Paints, with a brown faux glaze and French-inspired typography on top!