Furniture Design Ideas featuring Milk Paints in Persian Blue, Halcyon Blue, Klein Blue, Coastal Blue and Chalk Style Paints in Key West Blue, Summertime Blue, Stillwater Blue, Charleton Blue, Fjord Blue and Midnight Blue.

Charming dining set in GF Persian Blue Milk Paint and Java Gel Stain by Belle Maison.    
Stellar MCM dresser in GF Coastal Blue Milk Paint by Finn & Bo!    
"General Finishes Coastal Blue definitely was the perfect color choice for this piece. It's a gorgeous navy and we are loving it!!" - Refurbished by Sweet Threepeats    

"Just completed this entryway cabinet and mirror with GF Coastal Blue and Antique White Milk Paint and HPTC in Satin!" - Ashley Olson of Eden Elyse Design Co.

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"We had so much fun transforming this unique table over the week for one of our clients. It is painted in one of our favorite colors: Klein Blue Milk Paint and top stain in Java Gel Stain by General Finishes!" - Mel & Mar Creations

What a charming vintage desk this is! Painted by The Artistic Home Studio and Boutique using a custom color mix of GF Coastal Blue and Persian Blue Milk Paint.

"This was painted with a custom mix of Emerald, Klein Blue and Seagull Gray, then glazed with Pitch Black. The top was stained with General Finishes Black Gel Stain and sealed with Arm-R-Seal. The body was finished with High Performance Top Coat in Semi-Gloss." - J&P Designs   Check out more custom color mixes in the General Finishes Design Center at   #generalfinishes #...

Check out this darling dresser by Carver Junk Company. Painted with the oh-so-lovely GF Persian Blue Milk Paint!

"Bench we made from a cute antique twin headboard. The framing was made from the side rails and the seat is tongue and groove cedar. It even has it's original wood casters. I mixed Patina Green, Snow White and a little bit of Coastal Blue for the base color then added straight Coastal Blue while the base coat was wet to blend the colors and get the light and dark contrast. Love how this turned out. You have a great product." - Sweet Blossom Chic    
If blue is your color, go all out with our most vibrant hue yet. General Finishes Klein Blue is a deep shade of ultramarine inspired by brilliant gems such as lapis lazuli and sapphire. Leave a bold impression on your next project by using General Finishes Klein Blue Milk Paint! For more style inspiration or to check out more projects featuring Klein Blue Milk Paint, visit:http://designs.generalfinishes....

"Holy moly I don't know why I waited so long to do this sweet little piece! I'm in love with the combo of the original wood stain and General Finishes Coastal Blue Milk Paint. I chose to not distress this at all and seal with flat out flat for a very clean look." - Airdire Furniture Revival

"This adorable dresser is a must see piece! GF Persimmon and Charleton Blue are layered under Persian Blue, and distressed for a gorgeous farmhouse / chippy textured boho style. The original bronze colored hardware has a beautiful patina, and complements the style perfectly!" - For Love of the Paint

What a lovely chippy darling by Indigo Lane Furniture this is! Painted in General Finishes Charleton Blue Chalk Style Paint.

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Loving this server table in GF Persian Blue Milk Paint, Winter White Glaze Effects and High Performance Topcoat by Candice Nicole - Antique Revival!   Head over to Candice's blog post here: and watch a video of the project!   Candice says, " I have tried so many of the different milk paints and...
This dresser received a stunning makeover with GF Coastal Blue Milk Paint, Antique Walnut Gel Stain and High Performance Topcoat by Susan of Saw Nail and Paint.   Susan says, "I definitely had to go the extra mile to bring this dresser back to life, but I am so happy with the results."   Get all the details of this project at check out the before picture at http://www....

"When your wild color loving sister comes over and you drink a few glasses of make this crazy awesome color....and you have no idea the ratio of paints you used but it turns out to be the prettiest teal ever!" - Katie & Co. Furniture Restorations

This custom color was a mixture of GF Klein Blue, Lamp Black, Emerald and Snow White Milk Paint. Java Gel Stain was used to stain the top.

"This lovely teal piece is headed to the booth at University Pickers tonight! It is painted in a mixture of General Finishes Coastal Blue and Patina Green Milk Paints. Love the combo!" - Belle Maison

Stunning makeover with General Finishes Coastal Blue Milk Paint by Finn & Bo!    

"This cutie patootie is on its way to Carver Junk Company to join a bunch of other amazing pieces at the #cjckids #event! Painted with General Finishes Milk Paint in a custom mix of Emerald and Coastal Blue, creating a dark teal we at CJC like to call 'kale!'" - Bee's Knees

We cannot get over how sharp this piece by Vintage Rose Home is! Finished in GF Klein Blue Milk Paint.

See more pieces completed in blue by going to the Design Center at

"Wanted to share my most recent GF Piece. I fell in love with GF Milk Paint a few months ago. This was my first piece restyled using only the General Finishes line of products. I adore her!! I used Coastal Blue (Milk Paint) and Burnished (Pearl Effects). I also used Burnished to refinish the hardware. Sealed her in HPTC and am sooooo pleased!!" - Delilah Tree    

Project feelings of happiness and contentment throughout your home by using General Finishes Halcyon Blue Milk Paint on your next household furnishing project! Halcyon is a misty, cool blue with green and gray undertones that enhance your mood. 

Custom Mix Recipes from top to bottom: 1 Part Halycon Blue + 1 Part Snow White, 1 Part Halcyon Blue and 4 Parts Snow White, Halcyon Blue, 4 Parts Halcyon Blue and 1 Part Coastal Blue, 1 Part Halcyon Blue and 1 Part Coastal Blue, 1 Part...

"Meet Pete! Made by Ward Furniture and painted in General Finishes Coastal Blue Milk Paint. The drawers are placed at a slant with handle grooves underneath them." - Whimsical Design - Bryan College Station

"I rescued this piece from the curb. After hours of cleaning, stripping, and sanding, I spruced it up with General Finishes Coastal Blue Milk Paint (a favorite of mine!), Flat Out Flat Top Coat and bronze Anthropologie knobs. And so it lives on!" - Green Spruce Designs   Check out this video from GF to learn more about how to choose the right topcoat for your project:
"Love this cool little table with storage! I'm thinking bedside table or coffee bar!" - Flipping Fabulous   This cute little cabinet was painted with GF Patina Green and Klein Blue Milk Paint, accented with Van Dyke Brown Glaze Effects and sealed with High Performance Topcoat.        

"This piece was finished completely with General Finishes products and I couldn’t be more thrilled with the results! The dresser was painted using a custom blend of Milk Paints in Patina Green, Emerald, Coastal Blue and Corinth Blue, which created a wonderful peacock blue. The entire body was then glazed using Glaze Effects in Pitch Black. The coordinating mirror received the same paint and glaze treatment. The top of the dresser was stripped and stained using Java Gel Stain. Everything was...

"Persian Blue is my favorite GF color. I think it looks extra lovely on my antique vanity just finished up." - Karla from Hart & Soul Design    
This dresser in GF Stillwater Blue Chalk Style Paint and Pitch Black Glaze Effects by Belle Maison is simply beautiful!    
Sandy Roe, Artistic Designer refinished this pretty piece with GF Persian Blue Milk Paint and a custom mix of Brown Mahogany and Java Gel Stains.   Learn more about how to prepare an existing finish for paint or stain in this video from GF:    
Can't get enough of this lovely hutch painted in GF Persian Blue Milk Paint by Dandelions and Poppies!    

"Used three different General Finishes Milk Paint colors for this layered/distressed top. I used Halcyon Blue, Driftwood & Lamp Black, painting it on and also dry brushing multiple layers. The Tiger Oak had such amazing texture so I wet distressed it down all over which brought the grain back out. For the body I mixed General Finishes Glaze Effects, Pitch Black & Winter White to get just the right grey to get in all those amazing grooves throughout this piece. And the grey was a...

"Classy, elegant and sophisticated are just a few words to describe this table... The table was painted with General Finishes Milk Paint in Coastal Blue which is a deep, rich navy blue. The feet were dipped in gold for an added special touch. The hardware was beautiful and I was happy I could keep them; all they needed was a good cleaning to make them shine. Finally the table has one nice size drawer that I lined with beautiful complimenting fabric. Perfection." - Kim G. Designs

"What an amazing shabby antique 1920s mid size buffet! Such a rare size and perfect for anyone who loves those big buffets but doesn't have the room! In perfect condition, solid and heavy, spotless and clean. Two good size drawers. Hand painted in my favorite Persian Blue/ Antique White Milk Paint mix, tastefully distressed and clear satin waxed." - Shabby Accent Living

"I used Persian Blue Milk Paint and it was my first time using GF.  It is amazing with such great coverage!  Totally worth the expense and I am hooked for sure!" - Kendra Welchert   Check out other completed projects using Persian Blue Milk Paint by going to the Design Center at
"Starting this year off with my new favorite color, GF Klein Blue Milk Paint. Mixed a glaze up using GF Pitch Black Glaze and Black Pearl by WO. Topped off, of course, with High Performance Topcoat in satin! Love your products as always." - Dannielle from Distress me, Distress me not LLC   Learn more about GF Glaze in this video:    
"Cutest little server I ever did see! Painted in a new custom color! This is General Finishes Coastal Blue, Millstone, and Emerald with Flat Out Flat topcoat. Turned out just like I wanted!" - Katie & Co. Furniture Restorations    

"Darling shabby antique dressing vanity! My client requested General Finishes Persian Blue Milk Paint mix with glass knobs so pretty!" - Shabby Accent Living

Can't get enough of this stunning piece by The Turquoise Iris!   "I used three of my favorite colors ( Klein Blue, Patina Green and Persimmon -- All from General Finishes ) on this antique cabinet and added the Mexican Otomi paper...because it's been a whole 2 months since I've used it and well, that's just too long!!"   Check out more from The Turquoise Iris at   #generalfinishes #...

"This adorable little jewellery armoire has been finished in General Finishes Persian Blue and heavily distressed for a very antique and rustic feel."

These stylish side tables were refreshed with General Finishes Charleton Blue Chalk Style Paint.    

Check out this neat navy blue chedar chest with stained legs by Timeless Charm! The body was painted in Coastal Blue Milk Paint.


Thanks to Georgia Found for this sophisticated share! This MCM tall dresser was refinished in Klein Blue Milk Paint.

Cool down your home's interior during the final stretch of summer by using General Finishes Persian Blue Milk Paint! Persian Blue is a passive, brisk blue with light gray and green undertones; it’s neutral shade makes it perfect for your next accent piece!

Color Mix Recipes top to bottom:

1 part Persian Blue + 4 parts Coastal Blue

4 parts Persian Blue + 1 part Coastal Blue

Original Persian Blue

1 part Persian Blue + 1 part Snow White

1 part...

Choose the beach house look for your home accessories with General Finishes Coastal Blue Milk Paint! Coastal Blue is a rich, deep color that reflects the depths of the ocean and represents old style, first period homes. This perfect shade of blue will add a nautical atmosphere to your home decor and pairs beautifully with General Finishes Java Gel Stain! 

Color Mix Recipes top to bottom:

1 part Coastal Blue + 10 parts Snow White

1 part Coastal Blue + 4 parts Snow...

"Side tables reinvented with Coastal Blue Milk Paint and finished with Flat Out Flat topcoat, accented with silver. Drawers were repaired and sides cut flesh with drawer. Hardware changed to match silver accents on tables." - Kimberly Kollasch

"I found Serena languishing in a local thrift store. She was built in my local area nearly 100 years ago. Her existing finish was alligator scaly and she was missing veneer in a lot of places. This is the second dresser I chose to tackle and I envisioned I could transform her back to glory with some paint and glaze. 

I cleaned her, stripped her, patched her and sanded her, and she began to come back to life. 

I chose to stain the top with a custom mix of antique walnut and...

This distressed little cutie was freshened up with GF Persian Blue Milk Paint by Belle Maison.  
Beautiful classic dresser in GF Midnight Blue Chalk Style Paint.    
Great bath vanity transformation by Artsy Chicks Rule! It was painted with a custom mix of 1 part GF Snow White and 1 part Persian Blue Milk Paint, glazed with Van Dyke Brown Glaze Effects and sealed with High Performance Topcoat.    

"We knew this sweet little chair had potential, it just took the right ideas and color choices to make it pop! Done for a lovely, wonderful customer, the bottom is a custom mint mix with Saltwash, and the top coat is done in GF Coastal Blue Milk Paint. The Saltwash gave this little gal a textured, "live at the beach" feel. We love how this turned out!" - Boutique Unique