Fjord Blue

"This client owned piece turned out gorgeous! This one was made over using a custom mix of General Finishes Fjord Blue and Chalk White Chalk Style Paint with a Snow White Glaze. This will be a beautiful statement piece in the room!" - Painted Paradise - Antiques, Vintage, and Repurposed Furniture   Learn more about GF's Chalk Style Paint in this video:  

This Mid Century buffet was given a stylish overhaul with General Finishes Fjord Blue Chalk Style Paint by The Classic Farmhouse


We are absolutely adoring this dresser set by The Painted Porch! Painted in the sweet Fjord Blue Chalk Style Paint.

Learn the differences between Chalk Style Paint and Milk Paint at

"This adorable little mid-century end table is surprisingly heavy & solid. The base is done with a I Love Saltwash mix with General Finishes Key West Blue Chalk Style Paint, with GF Fjord Blue over it. The top is done with GF Java Gel Stain & GF Wipe On Urethane. It is sealed with GF Flat Out Flat. See the step by step on my Facebook page. The sign... I love it so much that I almost kept it (that should surprise few... because I AM a hoarder). This canvas was done using General Finishes...
"Had a little paint therapy last week and gave this desk a boho makeover! I used about 6-7 different GF Milk Paint & Chalk Style Paint colors (starting with Persimmon) and finished off with FOF (Flat Out Flat Topcoat). It sold before the last layer of topcoat was dry. I mixed and layered colors and started with Persimmon as the base. Used a little Klein Blue, Corinth Blue, Lime Green, Coastal Blue (Milk Paints), Fjord Blue, Key West Blue & Charleton Blue (Chalk Style Paints) and maybe...

Here's a set of night stands that we painted in all sorts of blues. We were using up some leftover cans of paint, and just mixed colors (Coastal & Klein Blue plus Fjord Blue CSP & Key West Blue CSP plus Patina Green. So many pretty blues to choose from - and they all mix beautifully! HPTC Flat and some copper gilders paste gave this a complete transformation.

Somewhat Quirky Design made over this dresser with General Finishes Chalk Style Paint in Fjord Blue. Karen of Somewhat Quirky Design says, "General Finishes Chalk Style Paint is - to this very experienced "chalk painter" - superior to several of the brands out there and is FAR superior to any homemade chalk paint."

General Finishes Fjord Blue Chalk Style Paint was the color of choice for these dressers by Thriftiques

"Confession: I’ve never used chalk paint before. I’ve used milk paint extensively, both in powdered form and General Finishes Milk paint (not a a “true” milk paint, but fabulous nonetheless!), latex, and oil. So clearly, I’m not unfamiliar with various paint applications, but chalk paint was uncharted territory. Since I’m nothing if not honest, I didn’t love the Fjord Blue color–it was far more purple than I anticipated; however, one of the great things about General Finishes Chalk Paints and...
My Very Educated Mother refreshed this bookshelf with General Finishes Fjord Blue Chalk Style Paint. The cross stitch pattern on the side is a great touch!