Spring Lilac Color Palette

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Spring is finally around the corner! Celebrate budding flowers and fresh starts by refinishing furniture that's been sitting in your garage all winter long. For a fresh and clean style, try natural shades of purple and green. Both tones are bold, garden-fresh, and look beautiful in the sunlight. Colors featured in this palette are as follows:   
  • Custom Color Mix: 1 Lime Green Milk Paint and 10 Parts Snow White Milk Paint
  • Custom Color Mix: 4 Parts Lime Green Milk Paint and 1 Part Lamp Black Milk Paint
  • Custom Color Mix - Evening Plum: 4 parts brick red MP, 4 parts Royal Purple MP and 1 part Snow White MP
  • Custom Color Mix: 10 Parts Evening Plum Custom Color Mix and 1 Part Snow White Milk Paint
  • Custom Color: 4 Parts Royal Purple Milk Paint and 1 Part Lamp Black Milk Paint
  Note: a “part" can be any unit of measurement you choose to use depending on the size of your project.   *Lime Green has been discontinued. Re-Create with a mix of 2 parts Emerald and 6 parts Sunglow   * Royal Purple has been discontinued. Less vibrant purples can be achieved with mixes of the following:  3 parts Coral Crush and 2 parts Halcyon Blue OR 1 part Holiday Red and 1 part Halcyon Blue
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March 29, 2018