Decor Styles And Essentials For A Beach House Airbnb Rental

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Having an extra property that you could rent is considered a luxury nowadays so you have to treat it as such. Luckily, in recent years, the popularity of Airbnb has made it easy to rent your space and earn extra income. In case you own a beach house, you’re probably booked as it is, but in order to make it more appealing to your guests, it’s necessary to give your house a little makeover. Here are some essential decor styles for your Airbnb house rental:

Make it light 

What’s the point of staying next to the beach if you can’t enjoy the sun? If your home has a lack of natural light, there are some tricks that you should implement. The first step is to paint your walls in pastel and light color, preferably white, but powder blue or salmon-orange are also great. Next, make sure that all the curtains are breezy and lightweight. It would be best if you could use fabrics such as voile or muslin. These can give you enough light while still maintaining privacy inside the house. If you want to increase natural light, add mirrors as they can reflect the light and get rid of the dark furniture. Of course, cleaning the windows is a must, and if you can afford to install new windows, make sure they’re large and also, install bi-folding doors so you can turn an entire wall into the glass. That way your guests will enjoy a breathtaking view and your home will be well-lit.

Get rid of the clutter

A personal touch is fine, but a lot of unwanted items in a house meant for guests is simply unforgivable. Nobody blames you if you’ve used your beach house as a storage space, but now that you’ve determined to turn it into an Airbnb rental, you definitely need to declutter all the unnecessary stuff that’s lying around. Before letting your guests in, take some time and throw away everything that seems to be redundant. You can rent an actual storage space or donate these things to your local charity. Honestly, nobody wants to pay money to stay in a cute house by the sea, only to wade through your old stuff that should’ve been thrown away long ago. If you have a lot of books, you can install a new, or even creative bookshelf, so your guests will have something to read. You can comfortably discard everything else.

Add small details for more comfort

When you are renting a house, there are other things that you should do besides providing the bare minimum. Aside from decorating your home with paintings and houseplants, you can also get nautical themed Hamptons cushions that would nicely sit in a living room or a dining area. This type of rug is especially neat as it’s easy to maintain and fits great with the oceanic aesthetics that each beach house should have. Also, make sure to have all the necessary kitchen appliances so your guests will feel like at home, and don’t forget to add a wide variety of soft pillows, towels, and light blankets. Details like these matter, because people expect great service and hospitality for their money’s worth. 

Welcome them with a gift basket

A gift basket is a purely optional thing, but it wouldn’t hurt if you could make a little effort and surprise your visitors. It doesn’t have to be big or contain much, but if you decide to prepare one, make sure you add sweet/salty snacks, souvenirs such as a fridge magnet or a printed guide to your town. Remember that the more you invest, the more positive reviews you’ll get and your guests will likely come back. Besides gifts, you should always stock your fridge with fresh water and juices, and add various tea bags and at least one type of coffee to your kitchen shelf. 

Decorating your beach house for Airbnb guests can be costly, but remember that if you invest more, you can also charge more since everyone is ready to pay a little extra for a beautiful place and exceptional service. There are always ways to pay less: order in bulk or make a deal with local suppliers. Airbnb rental can be either a lucrative business or a side gig, and it’s entirely up to you which one you’ll choose. In the end, making your guests satisfied and willing to return are the only things that matter.

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August 28, 2019