Decor Essentials to Set a Top Price for Your House for Sale

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Home staging is an essential part of selling a house. It is used to highlight your home’s most impressive assets in order to help the buyers envision themselves living there. To help you out, we’re prepared five tips about decor essentials you can use to set the stage for a quick sale.

Stick with a neutral color palette to appeal to most buyers

When putting your house up for sale, it’s best to create some kind of blank slate in terms of your interior decor. While some homeowners might see this as an opportunity to play with the color scheme and choose what they like, it’s best to keep things as neutral and simple as possible. When choosing a color scheme for your interiors, you need to think from the buyers’ perspective. Many of them won’t find bold black walls or vibrant red furniture appealing, so your best option as a home seller is to play it safe. Treat your walls to a fresh coat of paint by using hues such as white, beige, and light gray, and keep your furnishing simple in design as well as colors and patterns. By doing so, you’re more likely to appeal to a majority of buyers, closing the deal much faster. 

Update your home’s exterior to create a welcoming entrance

The exterior of your home is the first thing your potential buyers will see when they arrive for house viewing, so you’ve got to make sure everything looks spick and span. Of course, it goes without saying that your front porch should be swept, lawn freshly mowed, and your garden weed-free. However, that alone is not enough if you really want to impress the buyers. That is why you should consider making some smaller upgrades – sometimes, even the simplest of changes can make a ton of difference and really make your home stand out. Replacing your dated and shabby front door is a great way to give your home a small makeover and make it look more modern and sophisticated. Beautiful entrance doors paired with a welcoming doormat and updated house numbers can help make your house more inviting, thus leaving a great first impression on your buyers. 

Decorate strategically to create a sense of spaciousness

When staging a home, it’s often the details that capture the buyers’ attention, and strategic placement of eye-catching decor pieces goes a long way in creating an attractive interior. Accessorize sparingly – display just a couple of key pieces and avoid creating visual clutter. Hang tasteful artwork and add a couple of vases and figures, removing personal items and family photos. Spaciousness is one thing that most buyers are looking for, so be sure to remove any bulky sofas or armchairs that don’t seem to fit in the room. Float your furniture for smooth traffic flow and a sense of spaciousness. Opt for furnishings that are free of busy patterns and wild colors. To top things off, include a couple of throw pillows for a pop of color, creating a cozy and welcoming vibe.

Brighten things up with updated lighting fixtures

When preparing your house for sale, small upgrades go a long way, and swapping just a couple of things around your house can instantly boost its price. If you want to impress your buyers, you should be aiming for light and bright living space that is appealing as well as inviting. Lighting is an essential part of home staging, so be sure to pull your curtains or open your blinds before showing to let the natural light fill the rooms. Aside from natural light, your home should be equipped with different sources of light to ensure a pleasant and cozy atmosphere. Remove your old lighting fixtures and swap them for something new and modern. Opt for a whiter light as it mimics the brightness of natural light, and choose light bulbs with a higher Kelvin rating – optimally, the color temperature should be somewhere between 5000 and 6500K so that it looks like daylight.

Freshen up your living space with greenery

A great way to make your house look more cozy and welcoming is to include some greenery into your living space. A fresh bouquet will liven up your interior, while a couple of potted plants here and there will make your house look inviting. Accessorize your dining table with a vase garnished with beautiful and vivacious seasonal flowers, and bring life into your living room by placing a large potted plant in the corner. Add a couple of succulents to smaller areas and be sure to space them out so as to avoid cluttering certain areas. Other than being an effective decorating tool, plants are a real breath of fresh air for otherwise plain, dull spaces, as they help clean the air by absorbing harmful pollutants. They also act as a natural air freshener, infusing the space with their luscious scents, thus creating a pleasant atmosphere your buyers will surely appreciate. 

Staging a home is no easy task, but there are ways to do it without hiring a professional. With a couple of interior design tricks up your sleeve, you’re sure to decorate your home in a way that will ensure a quick and profitable sale.

Post Date
June 25, 2019