Buttermilk Yellow Color Waves

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Bring the feeling of natural daylight into your home by using General Finishes Buttermilk Yellow Milk Paint! Buttermilk Yellow is a warm, silky, color that won’t overpower your home accessories; it's the perfect shade for anyone looking to add just a hint of nature to their interior! 

Custom Mix Recipes top to bottom:

1 part Buttermilk Yellow + 4 parts Snow White

1 part Buttermilk Yellow + 1 part Snow White

Oringial Buttermilk Yellow

1 part Buttermilk Yellow + 10 parts Somerset Gold

20 parts Buttermilk Yellow + 1 part Dark Chocolate

10 parts Buttermilk Yellow + 1 part Dark Chocolate


**Buttermilk has ben discontinued. Re-create it with 2 parts Harvest Yellow and 1 part Antique White


**Somerset Gold has been discontinued. Direct replace with Harvest Yellow. Somerset was a bit darker, but there is no simple way to achieve this color.



Post Date
November 30, 2016