Top Coats: Oil Based

Furniture Design Ideas featuring Oil Based Topcoats.

"This is a Walnut Rocking chair with curly maple accents. I spent over 100 hours building this rocker and finished it off with an oil mix containing  General Finishes Arm-R-Seal. This oil makes the wood grain pop-out beautifully and provides a smooth durable finish. I love this oil!!" - Dallas Gara

Dallas entered this into the Wood Working category of the 2016 GF Design Challenge Contest and won 2nd place!

"Antique theater chairs I purchased from a church in Denver. I purchased a few sets and slowly refinishing and painting them. I embraced the imperfections! Here's a set of 3 I did today. General Finishes Black Pepper Chalk Style Paint & Arm-R-Seal oil-based topcoat. The seats & backs were sanded. 50/50 pre-stain & Polyvine Walnut Stain & Seal. Dead flat wax finish was used to seal the seats & backs." - Stephanie of Rehab to Fab

"The Ash live-edge slab bench/coffee table is complete! Thanks again to @mattcremona for the inspiration. Finished with 3 coats of General Finishes Arm-R-Seal. Fun project to work on and I'll probably have to do it again soon!" Lumberjack Luke

A big congrats to Scott Brooks on his Best In Show award at the Michigan State Fair for his hope chest finished in GF Arm-R-Seal.   Scott says, "Thanks again for making my projects stand out from the crowd!"    

Check out this table by RISE Woodworks! This rustic piece was custom-designed with brass inlays and then finished with Arm R Seal.

See more of RISE Woodwork's project at their Etsy page at

These handmade Cherry and Red Oak coasters by Chroma Woodwork have got us wishing summer wasn't almost over! They've been sealed with GF oil based topcoat Arm-R-Seal in gloss.   Learn more about Arm-R-Seal in the FAQ section of our website -   #generalfinishes #gfarmrseal   #generalfinishes #gftopcoat #armrseal #oilbased    
This fabulous Antique Jacobean dining set was refinished by Rehab to Fab. The table top is a mix of General Finishes Light Oak & Spiced Walnut Oil Based Stain was used to achieve the color & 5 coats of GF's Arm-r-Seal.    

Cheese-lover "Cheeseheads" will love to slice their cheese on this matching serving board! Lumberjack Luke used Salad Bowl Finish for this awesome piece.

He explains, "I polished this up not too long ago for a custom order. Bloodwood and what turned out to be Birdseye maple (originally thought it was plain ol' maple, but after sanding and planing down, it turned out to have hidden secrets). Wonderful character in the grains and GF's Salad Bowl Finish really brought out the colors of...

BorkWood used GF Salad Bowl Finishes on these beautiful handcrafted serving trays.   GF Salad Bowl Finish is our heavy duty oil and urethane oil based topcoat, which produces a beautiful hand rubbed quality finish. Create a beautiful and safe finish on wooden bowls, cups, spoons, decorative wood countertops or other wood surfaces that contact food.    

Scott Brooks is at it again! This time, Scott decided to custom-build a display for his grandmother's teakettles!

He explains, "I needed a way to display my beloved grandmothers tea kettle in a more dignified manner than on my stove or a shelf. I saw a version of this in a magazine a year or so ago and made my own variation with a lower shelf to stabilize the fragile tapered legs and also to reclaim that space…

The finish is in several coats of General Finishes Arm-R-Seal (...

JW Woodworks shares how durable Arm-R-Seal oil-based topcoat is with this unique table.

They explain, "A year has passed since I delivered this solid walnut slab dining table. It is used everyday by a family 4 (and holiday parties). Other than some minor surface scratches, it looks just as good as it did a year ago!"

Find your favorite GF products at Rockler, Klingspor, Amazon, orWood Essence and Lee Valley in Canada. You can also purchase GF products from any of the 31...

Stunning custom barn doors finished with General Finishes Arm-R-Seal Oil Based Topcoat by Lake Erie Woodworks.   Check out these videos from GF to learn more about topcoats-   How to Choose a Top Coat:   Can Oil and Water Based Products Be Used Over One Another?:
"The frame of this beautiful Henredon Campaign dresser was sanded, primed, and painted in Antique White Milk Paint and sealed with several coats of High Performance Top Coat in satin. The drawer fronts were sanded and stained in Antique Walnut (Gel Stain) and finished with multiple coats of Arm-R-Seal. This classic dresser went from a heavy, dark 70s look - with quite a few dings and scratches - to a much lighter, modern feel." - Trillium Park Designs   Watch this video to learn more...

This coffee table was just too beautiful to refinish, so Stephanie of Rehab to Fab used GF's Seal-a-Cell to highlight all it's beauty.  This natural look is fantastic!  

Seal-a-Cell is n unusual combination of oils and urethanes. Seal-A-Cell Clear for decades has served craftsman as the best way to get that "natural" look on beautiful woods that aren't to be stained.

George Baumgartner refinished this lovely oak desk using one coat of General Finishes Brown Mahogany Gel Stain topped with three coats of Gel Topcoat Satin.

Rockford Retiqued calls General Finishes Arm-R-Seal Topcoat an "awesome and tough as nails topcoat".  They also say, "General Finishes Arm-R-Seal will stand up to the use and abuse my little family will show this!" 

Learn more about how to choose a topcoat for your project in this video -

Find your favorite GF products at Rockler, Wood Essence, Klingspor, Amazon, or Lee Valley in Canada. NOTE...

"Some things you just look better in wood tones! This dining set has gone through many phases but it's finally done! Table base is a 1/4 sawn oak antique that has a wash of GF Lamp Black & Arm-R-Seal. Top was sanded and I left the natural wood color with just GF Arm-R-Seal. Chairs were cleaned up & got a good coat of GF Satin finishing wax." - Rehab to Fab
Urban Patina says, "I love your Arm-R-Seal Top Coat on all my interior furniture! Love it! I used it on this piece of Butternut. Highlights the character amazingly!"
"MY Furniture Creations LOVES your products. We used your Antique Walnut Gel Stain and Arm-R-Seal Topcoat to turn this Mid-Century side table into a beautiful piece my client can once again use in their home."
"General Finishes Satin Arm-R-Seal topcoat was the perfect choice for my kitchen island made from old barn treasures!" - TatteredGypsy
Edmund Haremski made this beautiful modern hall table as a wedding present for a friend using cherry, red oak and General Finishes Arm-R-Seal Gloss Top Coat!
"This oak dresser had been in the family for over 50 years when my client decided to give this work horse an update. I stripped the top and refinished both the drawer fronts and top with Java Gel followed by several coats of Arm-R-Seal. The frame was lightly sanded and painted with three coats of Lamp Black and sealed with Arm-R-Seal as well. Hopefully this latest round of furniture TLC will give this sturdy little dresser another good 50 years of life!" Trillium Park Designs of Olympia, WA
Can't get over this amazingly beautiful antique secretary desk by Rehab to Fab! Stephanie of Rehab to Fab says "I sanded, stripped & cleaned the exiting finish off. Once it was a clean slate I used General Finishes Antique Walnut on the drawer fronts & their Java Gel Stain on the rest of the piece. I could of stained the entire piece in one or the other but I can't help to be different. I then sealed it all with GF’s Arm-R-Seal in Satin. The inside letter compartment is painted in...
"This table had been previously stripped (you can see the old paint underneath) The top needed a coat of stain and top coat. I could have painted it but sometimes you just need listen to the piece. So I cleaned it really well, lightly buffed with fine sand paper and added a coat of General Finishes Light Oak Oil Based Wood Stain. A couple coats of Arm-R-Seal & its look beautiful again." - Rehab to Fab
Rehab to Fab says, "I loved the natural color so much but wanted a hint of color. So I did 2 coats of 50/50 Shellac/D-Natured alcohol. Then several coats of General Finishes Arm-R-Seal for durability."
A great before and after from Dragonfly & Lily Pads! This curvy side table was refinished with GF Prairie Wheat Gel Stain and Gel Topcoat. The stenciling sure adds a little extra special touch! Get all the details of this project at
Scott Brooks built this stunning chest and sealed it with General Finishes Arm-R-Seal gloss Top Coat. Made of Maple and Walnut, with the bottom of aromatic cedar. Scott says, "This was my own design and I pretty much made it up as I went along for the most part. It's Made of Maple and Walnut, with the bottom of aromatic cedar. This particular chest is a gift for a young male, so I was going for a somewhat masculine design." This project has received rave reviews from woodworkers around the...
Scott Brooks from LumberJocks ( sealed this gorgeous clock using General Finishes Arm-R-Seal Top Coat.

Check out this amazing hand crafted table from Marion Lovett! It first got a got of GF Amber Dye Stain, then a coat of Candlelight Gel Stain (shown in the second picture). Then 2 coat of Antique Walnut Gel Stain were applied and the entire table was sealed with 4 coats of Arm-R-Seal Topcoat. Marion says, "It is 8' in diameter and made of old barn wood (oak). The bottom was timberframed in the traditional fashion with mortise, tenon, and pegs. I was aiming for an old medieval look. I used all...

Stunning transformation from Studio Paint_ of Fonthill, Ontario! The night tables were re-stained with General Finishes Java Gel Stain. All surfaces were in pristine condition so I started by preparing them for the Gel Stain. As recommended by the manufacturer I cleaned all the surfaces with a 1/2 water 1/2 denatured alcohol solution with an extra fine sanding sponge. I applied 3 coats of the Java to achieve this rich colour. After these surfaces were good and dry (I usually wait at least...

The Painted Drawer_ refinished this classic yet stylish table. "I used General Finishes Dye Stain in Amber as a first coat. After the dye stain dried, I used General Finishes Gel Stain in Nutmeg over it. The result is really lovely. The amber dye stain peeks out from under the nutmeg and gives the wood dimension and a great play of color. After it cured for a few days, I used the GF gel topcoat, wipe-on urethane in satin. I love this product! It provides a fantastic durable finish and gives...

Can't get enough of this drop dead gorgeous tiger oak dresser top! It was refinished with GF Antique Walnut Gel Stain and Gel Topcoat by Studio Paint_ of Fonthill, Ontario.

Gorgeous farmhouse table by GF's very own - and very talented - Tom Monahan! Tom custom built this beauty from rustic red and white oak that the elusive George had cut down and rough sawn, then he finished the piece with Outdoor Oil and Satin Wax. He dubbed it the "Lannister" (for all you Game of Thrones fans out there!) because the table is wicked awesome.

Frank Byers says, "A belated gift for a certain Cleveland Browns fan, my son Joey Byers!! Shaving Brush, Razor, and Razor Stand Kits, along with General Finishes Arm-R-Seal Oil/Urethane Top Coat,and SpectraPly, all from Woodcraft ( Learn to turn and make these items at a Woodcraft store class near you:" What a fantastic gift! We're sure this set...

We can't get enough of this table and chair re-style by The Pallet Shed! The table top was stained with GF's Java Gel Stain and sealed with 5 coats of Arm-R-Seal Satin. The chairs were painted in Snow White Milk Paint.

"Best products ever. Needed to give clients extra protection as they have children. These products achieved that!!"

Can't get enough of this stunning refinished table by Studio Paint_ of Fonthill Ontario! I used General Finishes Gel Stain in the Antique Walnut colour!! The perfect brown ever! I then tried a product I’ve never used before but have heard great things about, the General Finishes Gel Topcoat in Satin. It went on beautifully! I applied enough to make it look wet, let it dry and applied another coat! I really like the way it turned out!!

Custom Table in Arm-R-Seal

Dena at Hearts And Sharts​ shared this stunning Midcentury-style coffee table makeover! She used Antique Walnut Gel Stain and Arm-R-Seal Top Coat with rebar hairpin legs for a perfectly rustic industrial style. Dena says, "My friend Lisa gave me a crappy table with a hair dye stain on it... Check out what it looks like now!" Read her hilarious blog post and see the process here! :)

Stephanie at Rehab to Fab gave our Arm-R-Seal Topcoat a glowing review! (Shown over Java Gel Stain) "I love General Finishes Arm-R-Seal & it's all I use on my stained pieces. I used to dip my rag into the ARS & it was like playing Russian roulette. So I have been experimenting the last few months with pouring the ARS on the surface. I then take my clean folded t-shirt rag and move it around in long strokes until it looks completely covered. I walk away and let it do its thing. It...

What a gorgeously rustic DIY side table by Tim and Mary at 17 Apart! After a lot of hard work and elbow grease, Tim and Mary used wood stabilizer with Arm-R-Seal Topcoat to seal and showcase the natural beauty of the wood! Get the how-to here: Tim shares, "As for the topcoat, we again went with what the expert from the Woodcraft store recommended — this Arm-R-Seal Oil & Urethane Topcoat. We applied a very thin and...

Stunning live edge Black Acacia coffee table custom made by Derek at D Porter Design and sealed with Arm-R-Seal to show off the natural beauty of the wood! Derek says, "Finished the black acacia coffee table and had to get it out in the sun for some beauty shots. I'm loving the contrast and how much the colors change depending on the viewing angle."

John Haling refinished this gorgeous walnut table top using 2 coats of General Finishes Seal-A-Cell and 2 coats Arm-R-Seal Top Coat. If you are interested in learning more about GF's Seal-A-Cell, click here:

Stephen Massman shared this beautiful custom-built murphy bed in cherry and cherry plywood! He says, "Finished with Seal-a-Cell clear and Arm-R-Seal satin. This is my new favorite finish." Seal-A-Cell is best way to get the that "natural" look on beautiful woods that aren't to be stained. The oils penetrate deep within the wood to highlight the warm natural look and the urethane ensures a deep hardness. Follow with multiple coats of Arm-R-Seal Topcoat. Learn more about our oil-based products...

Gorgeous Maple and Purple Heart striped serving boards custom made and sealed in our Salad Bowl Finish by Jameson Elam! Create a beautiful and safe finish on wooden bowls, cups, spoons, decorative wood countertops or other wood surfaces that make contact with food using our Salad Bowl Finish & Butcher Block Oil. You can find Salad Bowl Finish, along with your favorite GF products, at Woodcraft, RockIer Woodworking stores or Wood Essence in Canada. You can also use your zip code to find a...

RCDC Services created these imaginative wine and cheese cutting/serving boards with Bloodwood and Bird's Eye Maple. They used General Finishes Salad Bowl Finish to seal in all their beauty. In the first picture you can see the difference between 1 coat of Salad Bowl Finish and the unfinished board. RCDC Services says the trick was to dilute the first few coats with mineral spirits to help the Salad Bowl Finish soak into the wood and leave the final coats at full strength. The craftsmanship...

This lovely flute was refinished using General Finishes Arm-R-Seal Top Coat.
This gorgeous chest was refinished using General Finihes Oil Based Seal-A-Cell Clear topped with GF's (now discontinued) Polyacrylic top coat. High Performance Top Coat is an excellent product to use in place of Polyacrylic top coat.
This stunning armoire was refinished by Artistry In Wood using General Finishes Ceal-A-Cell Clear topped with Arm-R-Seal Top Coat.
This darling dining Room Table and Chair Set was refinished using General Finishes Pecan Liquid Oil Based Stain and Arm-R-Seal Top Coat.
This gorgeous hand-crafted table was sealed with General Finishes Arm-R-Seal Top Coat.