Dresser In Corinth Blue And Burnt Umber

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This week's favorite find at The Painted Drawer was refinished by Suzanne using General Finishes Corinth Blue Milk Paint and Burnt Umber water based glaze. Suzanne's blog post is jam-packed with value! Not only does she provide a video tutorial on how to apply GF glaze, but she also includes a link for where to find 20% off on GF products! Blog: http://bit.ly/1jIrCDf "I was excited to start working on this week’s favorite find and went with a color fit for this little gem – Corinth Blue from General Finishes. I decided to highlight the details in gold which pairs well with this rich, bright blue. The paint was toned down to a gorgeous, deep hue with the application of General Finishes water based glaze, Burnt Umber. It created depth and gave it a rich, aged patina." -The Painted Drawer #GeneralFinishes #MilkPaint #GlazeEffects #upcycle
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April 14, 2014