Kitchen & Bath: Upcycled

"We LOVE to mix General Finishes Milk Paint! Thanks to the color mixing lab we can now offer our customers some amazing choices of colors! These top cabinets were done in Snow White (5 parts) to 1 part Antique White mix and the bottoms were finished in 4 parts Coastal Blue to 1 part Persian Blue. Just gorgeous!" - Boutique Unique    
"A basement bathroom makeover on a 100 budget. Yep, you read THAT right. 100 dollars. I painted the vanity with two coats General Finishes Grey Gel Stain, followed by two coats of Flat Top Coat I had on hand. I am a BIG fan of this brand and I am not getting paid to say this! It is so easy to use, thick, not messy, great coverage, and you get such a smooth finish!!" - Sawdust Sisters   Check out...
J&P Designs updated this kitchen with General Finishes Snow White Milk Paint on the top cabinets and Queenstown Gray Milk Paint on the bottom cabinets. Everything was coated with High Performance Top Coat in Satin for maximum protection.    
"I thought I was stuck with an outdated kitchen but GF Java Gel Stain completely transformed it. My husband and I now love to cook and just hang out together in our kitchen." - Tracy Eubanks    
"We love seeing our pieces in their home. We painted this small buffet with General Finishes Lamp Black and left the top in it's original finish. Our customer had this beautiful piece turned into a vanity for her new home! Home run!" - Momma Chicken's Hen House    
Complete kitchen cabinet and countertop transformation by Boutique Unique!   The cabinets were painted in General Finishes Driftwood Gray and the countertops were given the looks of Carrara marble using General Finishes paints and pearl effects!!   Boutique Unique says, "To achieve this marble look we practiced and practiced and watched several tutorials in addition to attending some faux finish training. Here's what we did: first we sanded the existing countertops to get some...
"Finished a great kitchen today. Owners really wanted to not be wasteful and repurpose existing painted cabinets. They have been made over several times now. Painted withGeneral Finishes Seagull Gray. Some sanding, elbow grease and a little extra care made them worthy again. Added new hardware. Thanks to our partnership with Cabinetry with TLC, the owners now have great new counter tops as well. If you would like to discuss a makeover for your kitchen or bathroom stop by the shop or email us...

We are stunned by the fantastic kitchen makeover! What a phenomenal before and after!

"After researching the project for almost a year, I finally decided to paint our kitchen cabinets with General Finishes Milk Paint in Lamp Black. General Finishes Milk Paint is made for wood...

"I can't stop looking at how unbelievably gorgeous this kitchen and master bath turned out! I'm calling it 'Farmhouse Chic.' We painted, distressed, added picture molding to the ends for added detail and finished it off with new hardware." - For The Love of Furniture and Home Design

This phenomenal makeover was completed with General Finishes Dark Chocolate Milk Paint and sealed with Gel Topcoat.

"Here is my latest creation! My kitchen island! Used GF products...Patina Green Milk Paint & Arm R Seal top coat! This paint covered my dark oak cabinets in only 2 coats & was super easy to apply!" - Americana's Treasures   Learn more about which topcoat to use on your project in this video:    

"I recently finished this beautiful kitchen. The upper cabinets are painted in General Finishes Snow White and the lower cabinets are done in a custom mix of Driftwood and Snow White Milk Paints. I am thrilled with how it turned out. So clean and fresh." - Farm Fresh Vintage Finds

Can't get enough of this light, bright and airy kitchen refreshed in GF Snow White Milk Paint by Cabinet Refresh Texas located in Georgetown, TX.    
Fantastic kitchen cabinet transformation by Tammy of At Home With The Ellingtons. GF Lamp Black Milk Paint took this kitchen to the next level!    

"Cottage Kitchen Restyle (pre)Reveal! General Finishes Snow White & Lamp Black Milk Paint for the absolute win here. 'Twas an absolute delight being a part of this restyle, and I cannot wait to invite myself back to check out the new hardware, backsplash and wall color later this month!" - The Cottage at Brookside Hollow

Great bath vanity transformation by Artsy Chicks Rule! It was painted with a custom mix of 1 part GF Snow White and 1 part Persian Blue Milk Paint, glazed with Van Dyke Brown Glaze Effects and sealed with High Performance Topcoat.    
"I’m finally done with my kitchen – just in time for Thanksgiving! I had already painted the bottom cabinets in General Finishes Milk Paint in the color Millstone. I decided to paint the top cabinets in their Antique White to lighten them up and give a bit of contrast. The General Finishes Antique White was a subtle change but it really makes quite a difference. I applied General Finishes Flat Out Flat topcoat for a durable finish." - Suzanne Bagheri - The Painted Drawer Collection...

Check out this gorgeous makeover by Lori Jensen! She gave her kitchen an uplift by repainting the cabinets with Dark Chocolate Milk Paint. She mentions, "It wasn't a makeover, it ended up being a transformation for us."

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Check out this fantastic before and after of a kitchen makeover by Shannon Fuller! She used General Finishes Driftwood and distressing.

"There is nothing like a great before and after! This is a current job we are working on in which we are refinishing the clients cabinets with General Finishes Black Cherry stain. "

Goodbye outdated cabinets, hello fresh and modern kitchen! Andrea Worley revived this space with General Finishes Snow White Milk Paint.      
"Installation complete! I love this look with the dark lowers & lighter uppers. Her new appliances are ordered and the kitchen will feel brand new in a couple of weeks without the hassle of a complete demo. Uppers are General Finishes Seagull Gray with black glaze and HPTC Satin. Lowers are General Finishes Driftwood with black glaze and HPTC Satin." - TenZero8 Studio    

"We renovated this client's unused desk space and turned it into a fabulous coffee bar area! We first used BIN shellac primer, followed by General Finishes Enduro poly tinted to New Chestnut by Benjamin Moore. For the main color, we used General Finishes Enduro poly tinted to Benjamin Moore's La Paloma Gray, which we then distressed and glazed. To finish we used one coat of General Finishes Enduro Sanding Sealer and 2 coats of General Finishes Enduro clear poly." - Atlanta Decorative...

"These beautiful cabinets were just too dark for this space. We brightened it up with a white paint, but General Finishes Van Dyke Brown Glaze is what makes it. All of the gorgeous cabinet detail is now the focus because of this beautiful glaze." - The Rustic Seahorse

This makeover won 2nd place in the Cabinetry category of the 2016 GF Design Challenge Contest.

"We were so excited to do this project. We started with a Golden/Honey Oak kitchen that was beautifully designed but need a little extra umph. We decided that we needed a contrasting darker island with a light base on the cabinets.

We started off by painting all of the cabinets except the island in a cream white color. Then we took General Finishes Van Dyke Brown glaze in all of the detail work to make the cabinets pop next to the dark island. We put several coats of sealer to...

Cannot GET OVER how sexy this kitchen revival looks! Scott Nicholson and his wife used Georgian Cherry Gel Stain to obtain this lovely rich red color!

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These cabinets were transformed with GF Snow White Milk Paint and the island was madeover with Seagull Gray Milk Paint.  See all details at

Can't get enough of this kitchen transformation by Practically Hippie!   "Thank you General Finishes for helping to transform my kitchen! The "before" picture doesn't even seem like the same space. We painted the main cabinets with your Milk Paint in Antique White and the island in Driftwood and used High Performance Topcoat in Satin to finish and couldn't be happier with the results! "   See all the details of this project at...

Check out this gorgeous bathroom revitalization by Coco of the Crowned Goat!

She mentions, "We allowed the primer to dry overnight, then painted the cabinet with General Finishes Milk Paint in Snow White. This is the first time I’ve used this brand of milk paint and let me tell you guys, this stuff is awesome... I loved this paint so much I’m already looking for something else to try it on!"

Learn more about her project at her blog post at ...

"Finished this beautiful kitchen cabinets for one of our clients in a custom mix color (50/50) of General Finishes Antique White and Snow White. They look so beautiful now. Our client added granite counter tops to match the color we did and they look gorgeous . We used a custom mix (50/50) of Driftwood and Seagull Gray for the beautiful island as well." - Divine Treasures by Love's of Memphis, TN        

This kitchen went from old outdated oak cabinets to fresh and modern with GF Antique White Milk Paint and satin High Performance Topcoat. 

"We completed this kitchen transformation today! Cabinets were painted in Antique White Milk Paint and Flat High Performance Top Coat. It's incredible how paint can change the entire vibe of a home's hub." - Restyle Junkie   Visit Restyle Junkie at 625 W Deer Valley Rd, Ste 108 Phoenix, AZ in person to buy GF products or on the web at    

"Out with the trendy white and back to the traditional classic cherry. (original cabinets were honey oak) I used equal parts of Brown Mahogany and Georgian Cherry to get the exact color I wanted. Loved the results so much, I am currently updating my railings as well. Easy to use, clean up was easy. Topped off with High performance top coat. Loving my new kitchen!!"

Quite the transformation with General Finishes Snow White Milk Paint!

"I love getting rid of oak with dark colors. Oak sucks in so much light that even going darker can be brighter. This is a great example! Dark Chocolate (Milk Paint) for the win!" - Nicole of Rescued Furnishings   Visit Rescued Furnishings at 2714 Lafayette Ave, Rear St. Louis, MO or online at to purchase your favorite GF products.   #generalfinishes #gfmilkpaint #beforeandafter #...
Farm Fresh Vintage Finds gave this kitchen a fresh bright new look with General Finishes Linen Milk Paint.   Learn more about how to transform your cabinets with GF products in these videos:   How to Hand Apply GF Milk Paint -   How to Refinish Kitchen Cabinets with General Finishes Milk Paint-...

Restyle Junkie revitalized this kitchen upcycle with Milk Paint!

They explain, "We created a much brighter and lighter look for this gorgeous home in North Scottsdale. We transformed this kitchen by painting with Antique White, slightly distressing the edges and sealing with High Performance Top Coat in flat for durability."

Amazing kitchen transformation from Junque With A Purpose!   The cabinets were painted with GF Antique White Milk Paint, accented with Van Dyke Brown Glaze Effects and sealed with High Performance Topcoat.  
Fantastic kitchen cabinet makeover by Farm Fresh Vintage Finds!   Farm Fresh Vintage Finds say, "My favorite paint for cabinets is General Finishes. It’s self priming and bonds to almost anything. It comes in several amazing colors. For this kitchen, my client decided on Queenstown Gray. As you can see painting the cabinets completely transformed this kitchen! Would you like to have your cabinets painted? We serve most Middle TN and would love to work with you. Email us at...

Extraordinary makeover by Imranul Hoque! He used GF Persian Blue Milk Paint and satin High Performance Topcoat to his kitchen cabinets a fresh modern look.

Learn more about how to update your cabinets with GF Milk Paint in this video :

Find your favorite GF products at Rockler, Wood Essence, Klingspor, Amazon, or Lee Valley in Canada. NOTE: Woodcraft stores...

Amazing kitchen transformation from Ellery Designs! The cabinets got that fresh new look with GF Snow White Milk Paint and satin High Performance Topcoat. Stop by to get all the details of this project.   Find your favorite GF products at Rockler, Wood Essence, Klingspor, Amazon, or Lee Valley in Canada. NOTE...

MyBell Boutique used Java Gel Stain for these kitchen cabinets and island.

Can't get enough of this bathroom makeover from Rehab to Fab! The cabinets were updated with GF Seagull Gray Milk Paint and it looks fabulous! Get all the details of this project at   Learn more about how to use GF Milk Paint in this tutorial video ~

Dan Deering completed this fantastic kitchen transformation just in time for his girlfriend to return home from Florida. What an amazing surprise!

GF Products used: Java Gel Stain and Gel Top Coat

If you have any questions regarding the application of GF products please feel free to visit our YouTube channel or Website:
Retail Products - Website:...

We love this kitchen transformation! Maria Manochio refinished her kitchen cabinets using General Finishes Driftwood Milk Paint and High Performance Top Coat Satin.

Restyle Junkie made over these kitchen cabinets with custom mix of GF Driftwood and Seagull Gray Milk Paint and sealed with GF's water based High Performance Topcoat in flat. Looks great!!   Check out Restyle Junkie at Sign up for one of their amazing diy classes or see what they can do for your cabinets! You can also visit them in person at 625 W Deer Valley Rd, Ste 108 Phoenix, AZ to purchase GF...

 The builder grade oak cabinets are original to the home which was built in 2007. Solid cabinets so there’s no reason to rip them out when I knew I could transform them.

Prep is ESSENTIAL to ANY transformation! I removed all the doors, hardware and hinges. I normally use TSP but was out so I used my 2nd favorite cleaner, ‘Greased Lightning’. You name it, it gets it off!  I scrubbed them and used a tooth brush in the corners where nearly a decade worth of gunk was in. I rinsed them...

Rescued Furnishings, GF's Retailer of the Month, refreshed this kitchen with General Finishes Antique White Milk Paint. Quite the difference!   Visit Rescued Furnishings at 2714 Lafayette Ave, Rear St. Louis, MO to purchase your favorite GF products. Interested in a kitchen makeover of your own? Get a quote at    

"This kitchen is a show stopper. I used General Finishes custom matched color called Cake Batter and GF Enduro Poly Satin Topcoat. The cabinets were brown, so I primed first, sprayed three coats of paint and sanded back between coats and then applied 3 coats of Enduro Poly."

Matthew Shearer gave his kitchen cabinets a fantastic face-lift using General Finishes Java Gel Stain topped with High Performance Top Coat.   

"Absolutely love the result, but I had to be quite patient in between coats of the Gel Stain. It took 2-3 days for the stain to completely dry but top coat only needed two hours dry time between coats. Next time I would spend a little more time making sure high use areas of the cabinets were extra clean and prepped. -Matthew   


"What an incredible difference! It doesn't even look like the same space. We love the modern spin on farmhouse style.
Cabinets are done in our popular distressed Antique White finish with General Finishes Milk Paint." -Recycle Junkie 

MFG Note:
We recommend sealing Milk Paint with High Performance Top Coat on high use areas like kitchen cabinets and table tops.